Imagine Dragons Live Concert

July 16, 2015 @Houston Toyota Center
This was on truly amazing day.

Where do i even start, this day was truly one of the best experiences in my entire 20 years of life. First of all i want to say that Imagine Dragons is by far one of my favorite bands that are present today, and their music means so much to me from the first time i heard from them. So you would expect me to be all overwhelmed and excited to have the chance of buying tickets in the general admission section to their concert this past july. And oh, boy! I was literally in the front by the barricade. And i still cant process it in my head and face the fact that I was that close to Dan, this is hard to even think of because it had been my goal to be so close when i had the chance of seeing them live for the first time.

I cant even began to explain all the tension i felt as the concert drew closer and closer to date. I was even considering not even going because i tend to get to overwhelmed and it makes my anxiety rise through the roof of just thinking of being surrounded by so many people, so that made me think twice even after already buying the tickets. But surprisingly i had the guts and was able to get my butt to the venue. I could not let the opportunity of seeing one of my favorite bands perform in my city go by. Not even in a million years, and I’m glad i was able to go.

All i can say and keep saying is that from beginning to the end they played more than i would of expected. To me is so amazing seeing their fan base grow bigger and bigger with the years passing by because it would of seemed like it was a few days ago that i had discovered of this not very known band from Las Vegas called Imagine Dragons and their music and because i loved them from the start and they didn’t seem to have a large fan base i wanted them to be my own little secret. They started off playing from very small venues to big venues that would eventually be sold out. So now they are not close to being my secret but I’m glad they have reached a lot of people. I mean not only that but they have reached top of the charts since releasing their Smokes + Mirrors Album, and you would of never guess that someone could achieve that from starting from nothing. So you can say that I’m extremely proud of them and will continue to appreciate and stand by this band no matter what direction they take music wise.

Wayne doing his thing.

Such a beautiful man.

Like a show is supposed to end.
Concert Tips

1. Stay hydrated- if you decide that you are going to camp out super early before a show and is during the summer you have to make sure that you bring plenty of water and/or food so you won’t feel nauseous and have the possibility of fainting.

2. Comfortable attire- Wear whatever makes you feel super comfy so when is time to enjoy the concert you won’t feel like the clothes you wore weren’t good for the concert.

3. Make Friends- This is something i still need to work on but it wouldn’t hurt to try and befriend someone at a concert i mean after all you are in the same concert for a reason so there is a high chance that you would become instant friends.

4. Make Memories- If you are alone or not just enjoy the night and take pictures and videos so later on you can look back an re-expereice the fun time it was seeing your artist perform live in your city.

P.S. If you have never heard of them before i truly recommend giving them a listen, I’m pretty sure you won’t regret it, but they might not be for everyone, although i think anyone can enjoy various type of music so it wouldn’t hurt to try. 
P.S.S. This was last month and I’m just uploading so that means I’m still getting used to the whole writing as often as i would like so please bare with me, i will get the hang of this eventually. 🙂
P.S.S.S. This was such an emotional concert for me and i am not ashamed to say that i cried when they played Demons (which is one of my top favourite songs from them). I was a mess!
Until next adventure, take care and speak with you soon or later.
Love Sarai ✌️

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