Petition that needs to be signed

Hello lovely people of the inter-webs,

A few days ago i read this blog post from Blogger Irrelevant Hannah, and it was wonderful that i stumbled upon her blog to read about this petition created for a great cause. I know that i didn’t have to think twice before signing it and i hope that if you are reading this, you decide to as well.

The petition is about the issue that has revolved the modeling world for as long as people decided that being thin was the main and technically the only way you would be to perfectly suited for a high-end cat walk or modeling agencies. By doing so it eventually got to the point where models were getting extremely skinny, and to the public eye this was beginning to seem quite off and wrong for that matter. Don’t get me wrong i know there are people who are genetically thin but really? does this have to really lead to extreme thinness just to be feature on some big billboard wall or cat walk. The petition is about creating a law where it protects models from getting dangerously skinny. The creator of this petition is Rosie Nelson; an active model that decide to make a change after they told her she needed to loose extra weight after already having lost some.

I am sure we are all aware that because the media has shown to us that being thin is equivalent to being perfect, we have young girls and boys that get affected by this on the daily because they wish to achieve the way they see these models in magazine, commercials, or in any social media platform. And through this we have many of them having eating disorders as the way to fix their body image to be seen perfect to this world, and because most of them probably won’t achieve this they feel unhappy with life and might even become depressed. I know i have been a victim of this myself, where i have wish to be the size of one of those models i see in covers of magazines to feel as if though maybe that way i can be “beautiful”. But you know what? as cliche as this may sound i have learned that ” We are all beautiful human beings no matter our shape or size. The number in that scale doesn’t even outweigh the beautiful person you are on the inside.” And the only tricky part about this is that you have to believe that is true or else you will keep thinking your not. I know is harder on others than some but day by day you should begin to appreciate the person you have become because nothing matters more than being happy with who you.

So please to any one who is reading this and you wish to protect all the younger girls and boys who wish to become models from getting dangerously skinny. Sign this petition for a great cause.
To sign the petition click here.

P.S. Song of the day – Beautiful // MercyMe 
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Sarai Signing off
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