Great way to make money while being a college student

Hello lovely people of the inter-webs,

If is one thing i have learned this past summer is that is not easy getting a job. Having gone from interview to interview over this summer course i would of thought that maybe someone would have felt sorry for this poor college student an have a heart to hire me, but sadly it doesn’t work like that, or at least that doesn’t happen too often. In my case i am still a college student, 3rd year to be exact and i have only had one job, so you can say I’m not experienced in many things but retail/food related qualifications. So because I eventually realized that I had a very slim possibly to get hired anywhere without sufficient experience i opted for a very obvious thing yet never did it occur to me until a friend mentioned it.

That is to use online selling apps and/or if you don’t want to go through the struggle of shipping out items then garage sales are highly recommended. You might have heard of them, you might not. But here are the ones i use in particular and to be honest they all have their cons and pros, but i personally like using more than one so i have a wider dissemination for my items to be viewed and purchased.


App #1
This is probably my favorite one because of the layout and format that it has. It has a mixture of eBay and Instagram as well, and i just find it really slick and easy to navigate, so if you are into that you might like this one. The only thing that i do recommend for this one is that if you wish to sell more you have to follow more people so they can take a look at your shop. Another thing is that they have the similar explore page as Instagram has where they feature nice quality photos but of items from varies sellers, i personally haven’t been feature but if you are ever feature there is a high chance you will sell the item being featured. Another thing…this is an international app so it doesn’t matter where you are from this world you will be able to sell. If you get the app my username is @oneheartedloser.


This is how your online store looks.

App #2

Probably my second favorite app. The layout and format is different but that is and “OKAY” for me. They have something similar as the explore page but is instead called, “Your closet just got raided” which means that the item that has been raided will be in the main page where everyone can see it. This also gives you a better chance of selling your item. Two things that this app has that Depop doesn’t is #1 they have this section called “Forum” which is the place you go if you need help or just to be more involved with other members of the app. I think is a pretty awesome concept to have, because not only do you sell but you get to have a close knit family with other sellers/buyers. #2 The other thing is that they have already set shipping prices so you don’t have to worry about going to the post office to get it weighted. You choose it before shipping and print out the label and just drop it off. This app is also worldwide. It you decide to get the app my username is @oneheartedloser.

How your shop will look like.

App #3

Well if i have to state the obvious about this app is that it can get quite cluttered and overwhelming just because the items seem to be all over the place. But if I’m honest the new update has made it slightly better and bearable. I mean I cant complain because i have made sells in this app so it does its job which is to get people to buy your items. It has the same features as the last two but the only thing that can get quite tricky is that they have slightly strict rules so if you don’t follow them you can get your account terminated and no one wants that. Another thing about this app is that you cant swap. But other than that you should try it out if you wish to have more than one app to sell. And if you do sign up i have this code you can use and you get $2 (CXHCBV).

How your store looks like in Mercari.

App #4 

Now ill be honest I have had this app the longest and I still have it, but you see I have only had one sell. I feel like this is better for high-end or more expensive brands, I don’t owned really expensive brands but you can still go for it a upload your items here. They also feature items in the main page but i am not sure how they go about choosing the items to feature. A great thing this app also has is pre-made shipping labels so you don’t have to worry about weighing them in the post office,  but you’ll have to print it out after.  Other than that it can be just an extra app to try and sell. If you decide to sign up you get $5 using this code referral (BLAER).

Your closet in poshmark.

App #5

You probably know about this one since is really popular and worldwide known. But it wasn’t until recently that i was like why not give it a try. And to be honest is really great to sell as well. I guess it can be overwhelming because so many people use it and you would think you had a slim possibility of selling but if you make the effort you will most likely sell things.

ebay profile.
Overall run down of the apps
Depop & Vinted:
Great for selling, and swapping and buying.
Great communities.
Simple formats and layouts.
Mercari & eBay:
Great for selling and buying; more specific electronics and games.
Great customer services.
Pre-made shipping labels.
Great for expensive or high end brands.
Overall nice community.
Pre-made shipping labels.

P.S. I know if you are anything like me at first i was kind of iffy about selling online because of possible scammers, but it has been really great for me. Especially now that I have no job or anywhere to get money from. This online selling has helped me pay for college books or other things that i have needed. So if you are struggling financially or just want extra money, you should definitely check out this Apps and start getting rid of clothes that you haven’t worn, or even if they are worn and are in great condition that would be great. Take advantage of these amazing apps. You won’t regret it.

Have you heard of these apps before?
Until next time,
Sarai signing off
-Stuck in the Past?-

5 thoughts on “Great way to make money while being a college student

  1. Yes me too i had the same problem at first, because it can be time consuming every time you upload items. But i fought through that and now i upload few items at a time so i won't easily give up.

    XO, Sarai


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