My Autumn/Fall Playlist

Hello lovely people of the inter-webs,

So we all know that Autumn is finally amongst us but you know what, I can’t help but to be jealous of the northern states that are actually experiencing low and cold temperatures. I personally love the cold, so I would much rather suffer from having low temperatures then having to deal with summer and the high temperatures. Here in Texas the temperatures are yet to get lower so it feels as if we are still in summer. But because I don’t like complaining about these things I have made a compilation of songs that in my opinion give me an Autumn/Fall vibe and through that I have hope that the temperatures will soon get lower.  I mean come on give me a break my closet is basically made up of sweaters so I think is about time I get the chance to wear them…(inserts crying face here).



So without further ado here is my Autumn Vibes Playlist:


I am not sure if you can see the letters properly in the paper, my typewriter was running out of ink so my apologies.
Also, I am pretty sure I missed a few more songs that in my opinion give me that Autumn time of the year feeling but here are the songs I was able to think off from the top of my head the day I created this playlist.
P.S. This is such a short post, but I had been quite busy in school.
Sarai Signing off
-Stuck in the past?-

8 thoughts on “My Autumn/Fall Playlist

  1. Thank you so much Monika for checking out my post.
    And I know me too every time i hear All I Want by Kodaline it makes me teary eye. But it has such a nice tone and I love it so i cant stop listening to it. <3

    XO Sarai


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