Time to gift wrap

Hello lovely people of the inter-webs,

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas… ❅ ☃ ❅ (you’ve probably heard this a lot by now) but is true. I hope you are having a wonderful time and are probably as excited as I am for Christmas. According to my count down to christmas there is 15 days until then. And that seems so soon, especially since I feel like time will pass by quick.

And with this time around thus gift wrapping must happen. I’m usually the one thats up to wrap all the gifts because there’s something about it that makes me feel so satisfied. I know in the end they will tear it and all the work that was put seems like nothing, but for me at least if they are happy I am happy. So with that being said I have for you a small glimpse of how I will be wrapping the gifts for family + friends. And if I’m honest I am so happy with the results that are coming up by this method.

So first things first 
I want to say…
And now…
Stamps + Pigment Ink.


The Result
They come out pretty simple and minimalist, and overall is not anything to difficult to achieve. Is the same as any normal gift wrapping paper, but instead you are making it your own and different. I know is probably not for everyone but I hope you enjoyed my short post on how I’ll be gift wrapping this year.
Craft paper
Pigment Ink
Small jingle bells
Stamps (mine were DIY)
Hemp Cord (or any decorative string)
and last but not
 least you’re creativity
to make them all unique 
and different.
P.S. I am pretty sure you can find all this items at your local dollar store/ Walmart/ or Michael’s Craft.
P.S.S. Album of the day – Michale Bublé – Christmas album
Sarai Signing off
-Stuck in the past?-

25 thoughts on “Time to gift wrap

  1. I love it, it looks like you've taken so much more care and thought into the wrapping and whole gift selection rather than just buying pre designed bought paper!
    Charlotte // charlottespicks.blogspot.com


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